About Us

I.D Recruitment Solutions is a recruitment company that serves to source and identify high functioning staff with quality clients.

About Inky Daly

Despite beginning her own career as an educator (BA, HDE University of Natal), Inky Daly has been active in the recruitment and talent identification sphere of business for over 20 years. Inky has consistently felt challenged and energised by the puzzle of successfully finding the synergy between candidates and clients.
Inky has invested time in understanding a diverse range of fields, from engineering, manufacturing, law, IT, and finance to the support roles of HR, administrators, and technical staff. Although her clients are based nationally throughout South Africa, she also continues to facilitated appointments in Angola, Zambia, the DRC, and other African countries.
After years of working within the recruitment environment, Inky realised that her role as a facilitator of a successful career transition needed her own specific style. From this knowledge, ID Recruitment Solutions was founded, and although a Sole Proprietor, IDRS works with a number of Associates, ensuring a team of industry specialists is always supporting the recruitment process.
Staying in touch with her roots in education, Inky also lectures part-time at The GAP Academy where she guides students on career skills and sourcing successful employment opportunities.

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